Does Google AdWords (PPC) Affect my Organic SEO Results?

Paid search results does not directly affect your organic rankings, but here are 5 ways that they can influence your ranking …

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1. Are the persons who see an ad more likely to click on an organic listing on Google or Bing?

Persons who have seen an ad can be more likely to click on an organic listing, or they may be more likely if they see a high organic listing for the same ad to click that ad.

2. Persons who have been exposed to a particular site or brand through Google Adwords (paid search) can be more likely, in future, to click and engage with the organic content

A higher click through rate (CTR) and a higher engagement rate can lead to a higher ranking. So if you see that many people have searched in the past and clicked on a paid ad, then later in the organic results they see that same brand ranking in the SERP, they may be more inclined to click on it, engage with it and make a purchase.

This is because the individual has generated awareness of that brand and therefore has a stronger affiliation with it, whereas if this were the first time they’d come into contact with that brand then they would be less likely to engage with it.

3. Paid results strongly impact organic click through rates (CTR), particularly in certain queries

Typically, paid searches get between 2% and 3% of all clicks, while organic searches get between 47% and 57% of all search results. However, it’s important to remember that there are many searches that result in no paid clicks, and many searches where paid gets plenty of traffic, so this really comes down to what you are searching for.

4. Using paid ad clicks can lead to increased links, mentions, coverage, sharing and so on, all of these can boost organic rankings

There are plenty of benefits to using PPC, including a boost in your organic rankings. If someone clicks on a paid ad, they may get to that site and decide to link to it, mention that brand elsewhere or link to it on their social media pages. All of these actions can boost your rankings, particularly if your website is providing an engaging, valuable and compelling browsing experience.

5. Eliminate low performance keywords

SEO involves much more than keyword research and eliminating irrelevant keywords is very much a part of the process. Implementing a PPC campaign illuminates which keywords aren’t attracting new visitors, which allows you to focus only on the ones shown to produce results.

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